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Smart Connected Experiences

You need the right technology to connect your business and delight your customers. Delivering it is our top priority. With Swift, all your data is connected and at your fingertips. And there are no irrelevant features or inflexible processes to bog you down.

Flexible Scalable Platform

Swift was built for the cloud and designed for the way you run your business. All your processes share the same data. Your information is available anytime, anywhere. Everything leads to your customer.

Growth Friendly Licensing

With Swift’s flexible licensing plans, you don’t pay by the user—you only pay for the computing power you use. This means your technology can scale with your business instead of being a drag on growth. Our pricing is stable and predictable, and we’ll never “buy your business” with an artificially low introductory rate.

Responsive, Reliable Support

No matter which software you’re using, issues and challenges will come up. When they do, we’ll always take your call, treat your pain as our pain, and stay with you until it’s fixed. We have the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating because we don’t just care about your success—we care about your customer’s success too.

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Cut purchasing mistakes, troubleshooting and excess freight costs

Optimize your purchase-to-pay process and improve customer service.

Quit wasting time looking for details and fixing problems

Grow with excellent quote-to-cash and customer service management.


Reduce inventory and stop missing discounts in your business!

Gain supply side visibility and high availability, optimize operations, and minimize inventory costs.

Break down the walls to your information and Knowledge

Gain supply side visibility and high availability, optimize operations, and minimize inventory costs.


A module for processing charter enquiries with integrated accounting.

A module that helps to increase HR management efficiency by organizing company’s functions and responsibilities..

A module that helps to control entire company ULD stock, to track their movements history and current location.

Produces accurate and quick charter flight estimations based on aircraft performance, weather conditions and automated rates appliance from rat

A module for processing airline customers and suppliers business data with full history of related activities/operations.

Helps to optimize the utilization of available sector payload/seats and offer competitive prices based on the empty legs connections.

Allows to import user mailboxes to Awery database with threads segregation and advanced filtering.

A module for managing crews of any size.

Provides structured data with advanced filters.

Designed to cover the entire cargo management process.

Helps to proceed with internal and external audits.

A flight management module that helps to plan routes, create flight schedules, follow up on flights.

A module for freight quotations processing with integrated mailing.

Designed to control and manage fleet, track flight details, organize proper aircraft planning and utilization.

A full featured module for processing service requests with integrated accounting.

Provides necessary tools for managerial and financial accounting, allows detailed tracking, reporting and analysis of financial transactions.

A module for managing fuel contract vs spot prices.